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Customer Satisfaction & Services

To Lavaredo, Customer Satisfaction & Service is our key to our success. Not everything is perfect, but we will make it right for you. No questions.

Where can I raise my concerns?

You can raise your concerns directly through any chat platform, preferably LINE@ / Facebook or via call ( +6623825208 ) or e-mail ( ) or Report an issue  here .


What happens after I raise an issue?

Once you raise an issue an Online Design Consultant gets notified. After analyzing it internally, our representative calls you within 48 hours, to either initiate a resolution or ask for more information. Internal teams would then be notified, who would deep dive into the same and come up with a resolution. Alongside, senior management would be intimated to ensure transparency and concurrency. You can also track the status by asking directly in our Line@ platform.


How long does it take to resolve an issue?

We try to reach a resolution at the earliest. However, the average time frame could vary and largely depends on the complexity of the problem you're facing.

Customer Satisfaction & Service
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Get all the information needed to get started with a project with our LAVAREDO HOME & KITCHEN team!

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