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H I G H  G L O S S

A high gloss kitchen cabinet finish will reflect light and make the room feel more spacious and open than it is. A high gloss kitchen cabinet finish is ideal for compact or smaller kitchens. Lighter colours reflect more light, so the lighter the colour, the higher the reflection of light. That is why white is the most in-demand colour choice for gloss kitchens. High-gloss kitchen cabinets are easy to clean, and homeowners will appreciate it! With a micro-fibre (non-scratch) cloth, clean the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and they will take in any dust particles resting on the surface.




High gloss refers to a shiny and reflective finish often applied to surfaces like furniture or cabinets. It creates a polished appearance that reflects light, making spaces appear larger and more open. This type of finish is known for its sleek and modern aesthetic.


Snow White Gloss

CODE : PG-26


CODE : PG-27

Charcoal Gloss


Ash Grey Gloss

CODE : PG-28


CODE : PG-45

Baby Blue Gloss


Classic Blue Gloss

CODE : PG-46


CODE : PG-47

Aurora Red Gloss


Hazelnut Gloss

CODE : PG-48


CODE : PG-49

Ice Vanilla Gloss


Indigo Cloud Gloss

CODE : PG-78


CODE : PG-2250

Rich Black Gloss

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