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How it works

Get your dream kitchen in 5 steps

Easy, complete, finish the job at Lavaredo, let's start!!

One-stop Solution for Home Interior Design


Talk to our designers

It starts with letting us know you. to design a kitchen set to match your style Ready to design to suit the area and use. with an estimated price to make your decision easier


Book an appointment to measure the area with free design

Pay a deposit of 3,000 baht for measurement and can be used as a discount when buying kitchens in full. We will design the kitchen for you until you are satisfied. 


Confirm the design and pay 30% deposit

When you get the way you're satisfied We will have a net price based on the size. Materials and equipment selected by the customer to make a 30% payment before ordering.


Finish the product and pay another 70%

Products ready to be installed at the customer site We will pay the remaining 70%


Install the work within 45 days

We can install your home work within 45 days from the date of confirmation of the design. And can finish the job within 3 days without messing up your job page.

1 คุยกับแบบ
2 วัดพื้นที่
3 จ่าย30%
5 ติดตั้ง
4 สั่งผลิต

Come build your dream kitchen today.
Build Your Dream Kitchen Today

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