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We are the Professional Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer in Thailand

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LAVAREDO kitchen set

As a Thai company with over 17 years of excellence, Lavaredo Kitchen has been a reliable partner and expert in kitchen production for many years. which also includes other aspects

For example, it is a manufacturing plant in Thailand. The products are of high quality. The products are versatile, cost-effective, and offer reliable service.


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Know what benefits Dealer Lavaredo.

It is a member of Lavaredo's family.

You have access to many resources that will provide support for your transactions and business arrangements. We pass on our expertise and experience directly to you.

Plus, we have the latest 3D design software to help you close sales faster than the competition.

Permanent contact partners and customer service representatives

You can rely on direct communication with us and prompt handling. from the experts of the whole process by a contact assigned by Lavaredo Home & Kitchen.

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Our quality and service are also reflected in our selection of suppliers. Long-standing business relationships with our partners are based on mutual trust. for your convenience Appliances and accessories are always up to date.

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