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About Us

One Stop Solution For Your Home


Are you looking for a new kitchen or planning to renovate your old home?

We are the only one-stop solution brand "LAVAREDO" that have over 10,000 square meters of factory space that manufactures Acrylic Countertop to Full Cabinetry Joinery works and installation for over 17 years in Thailand.


We follow strict KCMA USA standards for our cabinets with specialty materials selected to withstand HIGH MOISTURE RESISTANCE and WATERPROOF structural design to the climate in South East Asia.


LAVAREDO can custom / made to order any furniture, and we also specializes in the high-end Lacquer High-gloss doors that utilizes the same process as 2K PU automobile spray painting with 16 layers of coating to achieve such high quality finishes. We are proud to offer:

  1. Plaswood 100% Waterproof Cabinet for Under Sink

  2. HDF High Moisture Resistant (V313) Boards for Carcass

  3. Fittings and Accessories with 10years warranty

  4. Installation ready within 3 weeks

  5. 24/7 After-Sales Service Chanel


It starts with bringing your dream kitchen. Let's build on our proprietary platform. Help creating 3D drawings takes less than half the time than traditional design tools. Makes you see the kitchen of your dreams within a short time.

quality material

We have selected raw materials from leading brands with the highest standards.
Whether choosing a wood grade E0 that does not contain formaldehyde This is the best grade for furniture or automotive grade polyurethane spray paint. which can be trusted about the color, smooth, not flaky
not distorted easy to clean We only select the best for you. 

manufacturing precision

We use standardized machines in production. Whether it's a CNC machine, an edge banding machine Or use the QR code on the control panel to control the production process seamlessly. This ensures that no errors occur, with the standard ISO9001 : 2015 certified.


We use wood as the frame of the cabinet to build strength. durable for cabinets And use 100% waterproof plaswood for the sink cabinet because it is the cabinet that is most vulnerable to water exposure. We also designed the stone top to be 2 cm beyond the front of the door. If there is a drop of water, it will not hit the cabinet. which we thought for you to use without worry


We are ready to install within 45 days, which the product will be fully assembled according to the customer's area. It is installed by our trained and certified professionals.

Let's build the kitchen of your dreams today.

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