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Why choose LAVAREDO kitchen cabinets / bespoke cabinets : Elbow height measurement suitable for Thai

The kitchen is not just a place to cook and eat. It is also the medium of life and the spirit and center of the home. As a result, humane kitchen design has become a hot topic that people pursue. As a leader in the kitchen cabinet industry gold kitchen cabinets always saying "Creating a good kitchen in line with cooking habits" is the main idea. A good kitchen that conforms to cooking habits must be easy to use. Kitchen cabinet counter height is also important. If the worktop is very comfortable Cooking becomes a pleasure. On the other hand, if the worktop is too high, one will feel tired. If it is too low, the person will have a backache.

The industry's first custom cabinets will dramatically improve life in the kitchen. In order to solve the prevalent problem of washing vegetables and bending the arms of cooking racks in every family, LAVAREDO kitchen cabinets intends to customize the ideal kitchen for all users of different heights. To make cooking every time fun. For many years, LAVAREDO HOME & KITCHEN kitchen cabinets are committed to product research and development, and this innovation through a large amount of data to analyze the size of the Thai human body, the rules of operation activities. and the necessary basic areas Launched the industry's first custom cabinet.

Offer to measure the height of the elbows and customize the Chinese kitchen cabinets. When users bend their elbows to wash vegetables, cut vegetables and scoop, whether the height of the elbow and the height of the sink, worktop and pot directly affect the cooking comfort. kitchen to suit the user Lets start by measuring the height of the user's elbow. Users can accurately calculate the height of the stove area and the height of the sink area in 2 seconds by testing the elbow height of the specially designed cabinet. The user does not bend over while washing the dishes. and does not stand on tiptoe, which comprehensively improves the user experience

Dual zones and double heights to create a complete kitchen. Golden kitchen cabinets try to divide the comfortable height of each space. increase the height of the washing area so that hands can be placed on the counter conveniently and no longer bent down to wash the dishes At the same time the height of the pot in the cooking area is taken into account and the height of the cooking area is taken into account, with the height reduced appropriately to avoid the fatigue of raising hands while cooking.


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