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Built-in kitchen in condominium

For residents living in condominiums or homes with limited space, they often perceive built-in kitchens as unnecessary or may overlook them and choose not to prioritize them as much as they should. However, in reality, the kitchen is a room that should be properly designed and positioned because not only does it contribute to a good quality of life, but built-in appliances are also considered good pieces of furniture that can enhance the appearance of the room.


Let's see what are the important aspects to consider when building a built-in kitchen in a condominium. :

Space size

Space size is the foremost consideration when planning for built-in furniture in a condominium. Condos typically have limited space, which may not accommodate built-in appliances. As a solution, many opt for pre-made kitchen sets tailored to the condo's dimensions, often in smaller sizes. However, the downside of pre-made kitchen sets is that they may lack aesthetic appeal and may not seamlessly integrate with the available space as built-in appliances do.

The desired layout for built-in kitchen sets.

In the past, you might be familiar with the typical kitchen counter layout, adhering to the triangular principle consisting of the stove, sink, and refrigerator placed at the corners of the triangle. This layout was designed to accommodate the traditional lifestyle where the dining area was separate from the kitchen. However, nowadays, the lifestyle of condominium dwellers is often constrained by limited space. Therefore, it's not necessary to adhere strictly to the idea that your kitchen set must be in an L-shape, I-shape, U-shape, or triangular shape. The key is that once it's constructed, it should be functional and aesthetically pleasing.


The desired style of built-in kitchen sets.

There are various styles of built-in kitchen sets available, but the one that seems to be most suitable for condominiums is often the modern style, with the trendiest option being BLACK & WHITE. This style is favored for its simplicity yet enduring charm. Alternatively, if you prefer other styles, there are plenty to choose from, such as Minimalist, characterized by a predominantly white color scheme with a central countertop bar; Scandinavian, known for its simple and soothing aesthetics; Classic, which exudes comfort and incorporates the charm of wood; Loft, emphasizing gray tones and blending modern and classic elements seamlessly; and Modern, a highly popular option nowadays for its soothing aesthetics and captivating appeal.

Selecting electrical appliances and equipment in the kitchen.

Certainly, built-in kitchen sets in condominiums would utilize electrical appliances and kitchen equipment similar to those in houses or townhouses. Recommended options include a smoke extractor hood, which can be chosen in slimline or standard designs, as they can be installed either with internal air circulation or with external air venting. For the stove, an electric hob with 2 burners is recommended, which can be either an electric plate hob, a ceramic hob, or an induction hob, depending on your preference. As for the sink, you can choose either a single bowl without a draining board or a single bowl with a small draining board. If the kitchen space allows for the installation of electrical appliances such as an electric oven, microwave, dishwasher, and washing machine, it's even better, as it enables the kitchen to be versatile and fully equipped in one place.

The above suggestions are basic recommendations for those who want to build a built-in kitchen suitable for condominiums. However, if you're looking for more diverse approaches, you can find additional information from websites or books related to built-in kitchen sets. This will provide you with a wide range of ideas. If you need further information, feel free to contact us directly at LAVAREDO. Our team is happy to provide consultation and take care of all customers with sincerity.

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