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Elements of kitchen cabinets to European standards

Lavaredo's kitchen sets use materials that are strong and practical. So we're here to tell you the secret of every component, whether it's a lower cabinet or a hanging cabinet. You can see that we use quality materials. and various according to your usage and suitable budget


1. cabinet door

You can choose both the finish and the spray color.

2. Hinge

Soft close system, 6-way adjustable, German standard

4. Cabinet leveling legs

Lift the cabinet from the floor to prevent damage to the cabinet. and easy to clean

5. Cover behind the cabinet

HMR wood covering both sides

6. The cover on the side of the cabinet

HMR wood covering both sides

7. Drawer cover

HMR wood covering both sides

8. Cabinet leg cover

is aluminum or the same material as the selected door

9. Minifix locking system

Cabinet fixing device for added strength


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