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Build the house before vs. Build the kitchen with the house, which is better?

Starting the new year, many people begin to plan for building a house, and undoubtedly, the focal point of any home is the kitchen. This leads everyone to the question of whether we should build the entire house before the kitchen or if we should prioritize building the kitchen first. Today, Lavaredo will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. For those in the midst of planning to build a house, you can use this information to make informed decisions.

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Build the house first

For many people, when designing a house, architects often provide a general layout for the kitchen. Some may hire a contractor to follow the architect's design, while others may consult with kitchen experts to customize it further. There are instances where individuals visit kitchen studios, discovering new designs and changing their preferences. They may want to add elements or features, but sometimes they face challenges due to system constraints, or they may need to bring in craftsmen to modify the home systems. However, this approach has the advantage of faster progress, as the basic structure of the house is already in place. It may also lead to quick adjustments, allowing for a relatively speedy project completion. Nevertheless, there could be instances where the desired outcome is not fully achievable due to system limitations, requiring additional modifications by craftsmen.

Advantages :

  1. Overall Vision: Getting an overview of the house design allows for a comprehensive understanding from the start.

  2. Swift Progress: The project advances quickly because the basic structure of the house is already completed.

Disadvantages :

  1. Complex System Adjustments: Making modifications to the house's systems can be challenging.

  2. Possibly Not Meeting All Preferences: It may not be possible to achieve every desired aspect due to the predefined nature of the house design.

  3. Limited Modifications: Some specific changes may be difficult to implement as they come with the pre-existing structure of the house.

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Build the kitchen with the house

This approach is particularly popular, especially among foreigners, as the kitchen is considered a vital part of the home. It serves as a space where family members can socialize and engage in activities together. Foreigners often prefer a well planned kitchen layout, allowing them to arrange the placement of kitchen equipment according to their preferences. This is because the organization of kitchen equipment needs to be intricately related to the overall system of the house.

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Electrical Work

Electrical work is crucial for the kitchen, considering that most appliances in the room are typically electrically powered. Therefore, the positioning of electrical outlets, switches, and the size of wiring are essential aspects that need careful planning along with kitchen design. This ensures that the electrician can work efficiently.

Plumbing Work

Plumbing is another critical element in the kitchen because various kitchen appliances directly involve plumbing, such as sinks, dishwashers, washing machines (in some kitchens), and refrigerators with built-in water filtration systems. The sink, in particular, is a vital necessity, and its position is often directly related to the plumbing fixtures. If anyone desires a sink in the center or in a different corner not aligned with the existing plumbing, additional plumbing work may be required. Thus, it is suitable to integrate kitchen and home construction simultaneously.

Ventilation System Work

Many individuals might not consider this aspect much, as kitchen ventilation systems are often attached to the house wall for smoke extraction. However, for those who want a more modern and integrated approach, such as a ceiling-mounted hood or a downdraft system that pulls smoke downwards, there is a need for an air duct system. Without this, the system might recirculate air back into the room instead of expelling it outside. Therefore, it is essential for creating a more contemporary and efficient kitchen to install an air duct system.

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Advantages :

  1. Customization for Home Suitability: It allows for the kitchen to be designed in accordance with the house or personal preferences.

  2. Ease of Design and System Management: Designing and managing various systems become more straightforward.

Disadvantages :

  1. Lack of Overall Home Vision: The overall vision of the house may not be evident.


source :  HOMKITCH


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