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ISLAND The kitchen is the center of the house. where family and friends come together to help cook This central location makes it an essential design feature and a perfect addition to your kitchen. A makeover can dramatically elevate any kitchen budget. Here are 10 ideas you can use to give a little love to the heart of your home.

1. Color Tone Looking for a space to add color to your kitchen? But hesitate to fix it all. A new paint job, ISLAND (or even just one side) will add color without affecting the rest of the dark or bright kitchen. Pair with contrasting bar stools for a more vibrant life.

2. Wood Tone Another way to make ISLAND look brighter is to Pairing the kitchen with flooring to make the two blend in. Using wood or laminate It makes it feel incredibly warm and inviting.

If you have space left after renovation (Most are sufficient for at least one ISLAND area.) Consider using this area to create ISLAND.

3. Groove To make thick ISLAND look softer Choose to cover the classic wood grain finish. Suitable for traditional kitchens but as you can see It also works beautifully in a transitional or contemporary kitchen by adding texture with a simple geometric feel.

4. ISLAND FURNITURE DESIGN The furniture-like details on KITCHEN ISLAND make it feel like a small center of activity. It has its own set that is separate from the surrounding kitchen cabinets. Even an existing ISLAND can be upgraded by placing legs or feet outside.

You'll need to add leg details before painting. (that is, during construction) to match perfectly.

5. Shaker Another way to achieve a furniture-like look is to decorate the look and feel of ISLAND by giving it a sense of elegance that is essential in a Traditional kitchen (one of the most sought-after styles). It's a long-term investment. That's great, because the stately look will still be in demand.

6. Cart ISLAND This one gets a little bit new as you'll need to transform your fixed ISLAND into a wheeled, movable ISLAND - a kitchen vibe and a more open, unique look.

7. vintage material Look in a vintage or antique store for materials such as old tin ceiling tiles. problematic wood Or a plaque from a real restaurant kitchen. and then improve it to be an on-demand front-end improvement

8. LED light Install an LED light bar at the bottom of the ISLAND counter to add a modern element and extra brightness to the entire space.

9. Mirror

If you want your ISLAND to float rather than stand out. A mirror in the front will brighten up an entire room by making large cabinets seem to disappear and more space. for antique charm Use glass with a vintage texture.

10. Accessories Final Thoughts: Upgrade Accessories A few gold-toned accessories will give your kitchen a new feel without much effort.


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