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Designing my dream home

  1. What precautions should be taken before starting a home interior project?

  2. What should be expected from model consulting?

  3. design idea /
    What is the offer and what will be included in it?

  4. What is Quotation or BOQ?

  5. Where does Lavaredo source furniture and products?

  6. How many times can I request a design change?

  7. Can I see a sample and design before placing an order?

  8. The furniture items/products from my quotation are out of stock. What do I do?

1. What to keep in mind before starting my kitchen project?

For the first design meeting, we suggest you bring your floor plan, any inspiration, and be prepared to discuss your requirements, your lifestyle and personality in detail with your designer.


We also suggest you go through our vast repository of  Kitchen Styles   and save the designs you like, so that your designer understands your preferences.

Having a budget in mind is extremely helpful. Lavaredo also provides a Kitchen Price Estimation Online Tool that you could try out now!


2. What should I expect from my design consultation?

You'll could arrange a meeting with our Lavaredo designer in person at one of our Showroom Locations or via video/ phone call if you live outside one of our operational cities.


You'll be discussing your home needs, design goals, and ways to improve and utilize the space. After the consultation, your designer will share a personalized design proposal with estimated cost.


3. What is a design concept / proposal and what will be included in it?

Your designer will put together reference designs, color palettes and moodboards so that you can understand what your home could look like. Along with the design concept, a tentative quotation with costings will be shared.


4. What is a quotation or BOQ?

A quotation or BOQ is a bill of quantities (BOQ), which is an itemized sheet of all kitchen cabinets, accessories, appliances and additional costs.


5. Where does Lavaredo source furniture and products from?

We produce everything in Thailand, and our team have created  an extensive catalog where you can find everything for your home project — from lighting, appliances to kitchens, wardrobes, storage units — in every shape, color and finish you can imagine! We offer our in-house Lavaredo branded products as well as some of the best-in-category brands imported from Hettich, Hafele, Kessebohmer, Blum etc.


6. How many design iterations can I request?

There's no limit to the number of iterations you can request, until you are happy with the design and budget. However, we recommend keeping iterations to a minimum of three or four because each revision will affect projected timelines.


7. Will I get to see samples and designs before I place the order?

Definitely! Your designer will give you an exclusive walkthrough of our Showroom where you can touch and feel designs and explore our collection of thousands of finishes and materials for your home interiors.


8. A furniture item / product from my quotation is now out of stock. What do I do?

Don't worry! Our vast catalog is designed in a way that you'll never run out of beautiful furniture and products to choose from. Please talk to your designer to select an alternate product.

Designing my dream home
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Managing my Project
project management

  1. Who will manage my installation?

  2. How do I get updates on home projects?

  3. Who will maintain the job site?

  4. Can I be in the house when the kitchen is being installed?

  5. My project took longer than expected.
    What do I do?

  6. I have concerns about an ongoing project. Who can I contact?

Managing my project

1. Who will manage my project?

Your Lavaredo sales and designer will be the single point of contact during the design journey and will manage your project, from start to finish.


2. How do I receive updates on my home project?

Lavaredo ensures complete transparency when you design with us. When your site execution begins, your designer will share a detailed timeline and schedule and will regularly keep you updated on the progress via LINE, calls, and site meetings.


3. Who will be supervising the site work everyday?

On a day-to-day basis, our installers are ISO certified to update and supervise the execution work of your home project.


4. Can I stay in my house during renovation and installation process?

We recommend speaking to your designer about the feasibility of staying in the home while it's being renovated.


5. My project is taking longer than expected. What do I do?

Extended timelines can be due to a lot of factors such as design iterations and on-site complications. We suggest you speak to your Lavaredo designer to resolve your concerns. But rest assured, we will complete your project as soon as possible.


6. I have concerns about my ongoing project. Who do I get in touch with?

You can raise a red flag regarding your designer, your service partner and/or on any other project-related complaints and escalate unresolved issues.

You can always get in touch with our customer care team on LINE ID @lavaredo-kitchen for any concerns 24/7,

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