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Cancellations _

Things aren't working out for you? 
It's okay, we can still be friends. 
Read our cancellation & refund policy. 

1. Canceling Your Project

If something's not right and you want to break up with us, we understand. We'll try our best to end things with no confusion and a sense of closure. Here's a table indicating the applicable refunds on cancellation.


2. Canceling/ replacing product(s) in your order

Please contact your dealer directly, or you can call contact us through.
LINE ID @lavaredo-kitchen or email at to register your claim. 


3. What if I forgot my bill or have not registered the warranty?

Don't worry! In case you lose your physical customer contract or never registered your warranty through our LINE ID application, you can request the information by contacting Lavaredo customer support.


4. Can I renew my warranty once it expires?

No. Currently, we are not offering any extension or renewal of Lavaredo Warranty.


5. Will I be charged if I need any services after the end of the Lavaredo Warranty period?

We are happy to provide after-sales services even after your Warranty period expires. The service charges would be minimal (traveling cost of approximately 2000 baht) and; material charges may be incurred (if anything needs to be replaced).


6. What is the Lavaredo warranty governed by?

The Lavaredo Warranty is approved by an international standard to demonstrate our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction with ISO 9001:2015 -covered quality standards at different stages like manufacturing, delivery and installation to ensure the delivery of the highest quality home interiors for you.

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Let's Work Together

Get all the information needed to get started with a project with our LAVAREDO HOME & KITCHEN team!

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