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Partnering with Lavaredo

Kitchen and Built-In Furniture design may seem simple, but the details are sophisticated. To ensure durability for all the cabinets and to get the full functionality of space is the Lavaredo Expertise. It is in our DNA.

1. Why should I join Lavaredo as a design partner?

You do not need to have a store front to become our partner. We welcome all designers to join our Lavaredo Family.

The Lavaredo design partner program is a community of freelance designers turned entrepreneurs. As a design partner, you choose the hours, the number of projects you work on and earn commissions while we grow your interior design portfolio and business. To know more,  visit our design partner page .


2. What does a design partner do?

A design partner will pitch, design and manage execution of their projects. While Lavaredo provides all the back end support; fresh quality samples, ability to subscribe to our proprietary online tools and catalog, vast catalog of furniture, decor, products and services and the incredible network of community managers, vendor managers, category managers and service


3. How does Lavaredo earn me more money?

The mantra is simple: design more, earn more!

Our proprietary online tools, vast catalog and network of installation partners ensure our design partners can pitch, convert and design faster. This empowers our design partners to not just choose their work hours but also choose to work on more number of projects.


4. How do I register to become a design partner?

It's easy! Just go to our  design partners  page, and submit your details. Our team will then reach out to you.


5. How much work experience do I need to become a design partner?

We expect a minimum of 2-3 years of work or freelance experience.


6. Is there an interview process involved to become a design partner?

Yes. To enroll as a Lavaredo design partner, you'll have to attend a standardized interview process, which includes a basic test and face-to-face interviews. Don't worry, this process ensures we get to know you better.


7. Is it mandatory to attend the training and on-boarding process?

Yes, it is mandatory. As a design partner, understanding our processes and policies is crucial so that you can represent our brand better. Also, we rely heavily on technology to design and manage project pipelines, which requires some training to get familiarized with.


8. Who will be my Lavaredo point of contact once I become a design partner?

Your will be assigned to a community manager that will be your point of contact once you successfully complete the onboarding process and become a Lavaredo design partner.


Your manager will help from onboarding, training, process assistance to escalations, payments and even moral support, your assigned CM (community manager) is your go-to person for anything and everything at Lavaredo.


9. Can I meet my clients at any of the Lavaredo Design Showrooms?

Yes of course! Our  Design Showrooms  are designed for you to meet, convert and design better for your clients.


10. What is the incentive / commission structure?

Your incentives structure has a fixed component and a variable component. The variable component is directly linked to your ratings. If your project completes with minimal hiccups and maximum client satisfaction, you can be sure to earn more. However, your overall earnings are directly linked to the project order value. The higher the order value, the bigger your earnings.

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Get all the information needed to get started with a project with our LAVAREDO HOME & KITCHEN team!

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