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Policies & Certifications

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Policies and Certifications

Privacy Policy

Siam Art Marble Co., Ltd. (Lavaredo) realizes the importance of protecting your personal information in order to receive our products and services. We know that you value how we collect, use, disclose and transmit or transfer your information externally. We will use the information you provide to us to provide you with products and services that are tailored to your specific needs, both from us. affiliates And companies that are in the data ecosystem (Data ecosystem) of Siam Art Marble Company. Thank you for your trust. We will treat your personal information with reasonable care and to provide you with the best personal experience and customer service.

This Privacy Policy The (“Privacy Policy”) applies to retailers, websites, applications , social media channels. online communication channel and other places where your personal data is collected. However, please read this Privacy Policy in conjunction with the terms and conditions for the specific service you use.

according to this privacy policy “Personal Data” means any information relating to an individual or that makes that individual identifiable. as stated below


We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, so please check regularly when this Privacy Policy was last revised. Any changes will be effective immediately upon publication of the revised Privacy Policy on our website. We will notify you of any significant revisions or improvements. In the case of amendments that deprive you of your rights in sensitive information in accordance with this Privacy Policy The company will proceed to obtain your consent first. unless otherwise required by law

  1. What types of personal data do we collect?

We may collect or receive the following types of information, which may include your personal information directly or indirectly from you or other sources, affiliates. or business partners or other companies. The nature of the personal data we collect will depend on the context of your communication and relationship with us. including the services or products that you want from us

1.1 Personal data, including title, full name, gender, age, occupation, qualifications, job title, position or status, type of business, nationality, country of residence, date of birth, government-issued card information (such as ID number social security number passport number Tax Identification Number Driving license information or similar identification documents, etc.) and other personal data that you have provided to us, etc.

1.2 Contact information such as postal address delivery information Address for sending invoices phone number Email address, LINE ID, Facebook account, Google ID (Google ID), Twitter ID (Twitter ID) and accounts on other social media sites. Other contact information (written communications with you) and other contact information you have provided to us.

1.3 Membership information, including details of member account information Membership card number, reward points, membership code (eg Member ID, Customer ID), membership type, customer type, date and month of participation/date of application. Membership duration, bank account, and payment information Subscriptions for services and products and other membership information

1.4 Transaction data, such as information about payments Date and/or time of payment, payment amount, refund information, refund balance, reward points, date and place of purchase. purchase or order number Appointment date Address/date and time of pickup or delivery Recipient's response The message ends in the recipient's e-mail. Warranty information Complaints and claims, booking information, rental information, transactions, transaction history, location, transaction status Past sales transactions Status Transaction status buying behavior and other information about the products and services you purchase.

1.5 Technical information such as IP address or Internet Protocol (IP address), cookies, media access control (MAC) address, web beacon, Log, Device ID, device model and so on. Device type, network, connection information access information Single sign-on (SSO) login information, login log, duration and location of access. The amount of time spent on the page login information search history browsing data Browser type and version Time zone setting and location Browser plug-in type and version Operating system and platform and other technologies on the device you use to access the Platform. and other technical data from use on the platform and operating system.

1.6 Behavioral Information, such as information about your purchasing behavior and information obtained by using our products and services

1.7 Personal details such as your username and password. Personal details and pictures, purchases, order history past orders purchase history Products purchased, quantity of products, orders or recall orders by you. Order via website Details of cash on delivery (Cash on Delivery), order ID (order ID), financial records. Personal Identification Number (PIN), your interests, preferences, feedbacks and surveys. satisfaction survey social media use attendance information Loyalty programs information, discount codes and promotions you use. Customer order details customer service Participation in trade exhibitions and events Trade Exhibition, Litigation, Testing and Trial and other personal details

1.8 Usage Data, such as information about your search or use of our website, platform, applications, use of our products and services. Cart Wish List Save notifications about sale items. Store tracking (Follow-shop record), Timestamp of last click, and question-answer record and other usage information

1.9 Marketing and communication information, such as your desire to receive marketing information from us, Siam Art Marble, its affiliates. business partner or other companies and preferred forms of communication and other marketing and communication information.

1.10 Sensitive information such as race, religion, political opinions, fingerprints, facial recognition systems. Health information or physical or mental condition genetic information Medical history, disability and criminal history

If you have provided us with personal data of a third party (such as a beneficiary emergency contact referring person and referrals) such as name, surname, address, telephone number family income and personal information and other contact information to contact in an emergency Complete your application or transact with us. Please inform them of this Privacy Policy. and/or obtain their consent, if necessary, so that we may collect, use or disclose sensitive information only with your express consent. or in cases where the law permits

We will collect information of minors. virtual incompetent person Incompetent persons only with the consent of the parent authorized to act on behalf of the minor, guardian or guardian. We will not collect information from customers that we know to be under twenty years of age. or from the quasi-incompetent and incompetent person without the consent of the person exercising parental power to act on behalf of the minor, guardian or guardian; Where consent is required If we know that We unintentionally collect personal information from anyone under the age of twenty. incompetent person or an incompetent person without the consent of the person exercising parental power to act on behalf of the minor, guardian or guardian We will promptly delete such information. or process only the portion of the data that we can do on a legal basis other than obtaining consent.


    2.Why do we collect, use or disclose your personal information?

2.1 Objectives that require your consent

Marketing and Communications: We collect, use and disclose your personal information to provide you with special offers and promotions, news, sales, special offers, advertisements, notifications, news, information, marketing and other communications. with products and services from us, Siam Art Marble Company, affiliated company and/or our business partners which we cannot rely on other legal bases

Please contact Lavaredo to manage your consent for marketing and communicate

2.2 Other purposes and legal bases for which we process your personal data

We may rely on (1) contractual bases to enter into or perform contracts with you; (2) statutory obligations. for the performance of legal duties; (3) our legitimate interests and that of third parties; (4) interests necessary to prevent or suppress harm to the life, body or health of individuals; and/or (5) public interest. for carrying out missions in the public interest or the exercise of the rights of government officials

We may collect, use and disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

1) to provide you with products and services; to enter into a contract and manage the contractual relationship between us and you; To support and carry out other service-related activities or products therein to successfully manage the booking. and to carry out financial transactions and services related to payments. including verification and confirmation and cancellation of transactions. to process your order, delivery, receipt and return Refunds and exchanges of goods or services To report the status of deliveries and to carry out activities within the warehouse, including receiving, packing and labeling products. to check the warranty To provide after-sales service, including scheduling maintenance and facilitation services.

2) Marketing and Communications: To provide you with special privileges and promotions, news, discounts, special offers, advertisements, notifications, news, information, marketing and communications about our products and services.

3) Loyalty programs, reward programs, prize draws, contests, events to enable you to participate in loyalty programs, loyalty programs, contests. Luck, prize draws, contests for participation in the event. seminars and related communication channels (such as sending email notifications) including processing and managing your account registration. Gift registration Registration for the event for the purpose of processing, accumulating, adding, exchanging or earning points Redeem or pay with points and transfer of points for checking usage history both online and offline for gift certificates, gift certificates and invoicing

4) Registration and identity verification to register, verify, verify, identify and/or certify you or your identity;

5) To take care of our relationship with you To contact and communicate with you as you request or in connection with the products and services you receive from us, Siam Art Marble, its affiliates. and business partners To handle any aspect of customer service-related matters, whether it be questions, requests, feedbacks, complaints, claims, disputes or indemnifications. To provide technical assistance and troubleshoot technical problems. to process and update your information To facilitate you in using the product and receiving services

6) Providing a personalized experience (Personalization), data analysis based on interests or customer behavior (Profiling) and data analysis (Data Analytics) to recommend products and services that may be of interest to you. indicate your preference and provide an experience suitable for you to learn more about you products and services you receive and other products and services you may be interested in To assess your interest or behavior towards products and services. To perform data analytics, data cleansing and data profiling for market research, surveys, behavioral assessments, statistics and classification. Consumption patterns and trends Interest-based or behavioral analysis (Profiling) from the processing of your personal data, such as processing from the type of products and types of services you use or receive. The way you would like to be contacted to know you better and to elevate business operations even further as well as to modify the content to meet the satisfaction to determine the effectiveness of the promotional campaign to identify and troubleshoot problems with existing products and services; to improve the quality of information for that purpose We will collect and disclose your personal information for your interests and interests. and for the legitimate interests and business operations of Siam Art Marble, an affiliated company and business partners This does not exceed the basic rights of the personal data subject of the personal data subject. We will ask for your consent from time to time if necessary.

7) To enhance business operations better products and services to assess, develop, manage and enhance Research and develop services, products, systems and business operations for you and all our customers. and business partners to identify and fix problems that arise To produce an overview report of anonymous data. and evaluate the effectiveness of products, digital media and marketing campaigns.

8) Site functionality Mobile Applications and Platforms to maintain, operate, monitor, monitor and manage the Websites and Platforms to facilitate and assure you that the Websites and Platforms operate smoothly. Efficient and safe To facilitate your use of the website and platform To improve the plans and content of the website and platform

9) Information Technology Management for business administration purposes including managing information technology operating systems Communications Management information technology security system and security audits in information technology Internal business management according to internal rules Policies and Procedures

10) Compliance with regulatory duties and obligations to operate in accordance with the provisions of the law legal process or orders of government agencies, including government agencies outside Thailand and/or cooperate with courts, regulators, government agencies and law enforcement agencies. Where there is reason to believe that we are required to do so in order to comply with the law and where we are required to strictly disclose your personal data in order to comply with legal provisions. legal process or such government orders, including the provision of services and management of VAT refund services, issuance of tax invoices; or design a full tax form Recording and Tracking Communications Disclosure of information to tax authorities Financial Services Regulator and other regulatory and governmental organizations and agencies, and for the investigation or prevention of crime.

11) Protecting our interests To protect the stability and confidence of the company's business To exercise our rights or protect our interests that are necessary and legally achievable, such as detecting, preventing and responding to fraud claims. Intellectual Property Infringement or non-compliance with the law to manage and prevent damage to our property and possessions for compliance with our terms and conditions To detect and prevent misconduct within the organization, including the use of CCTV to monitor events to prevent and report criminal offenses and to protect the stability and confidence of the company's business

12) Fraud detection to verify your identity and to conduct legal or other applicable regulatory investigations (for example, to carry out anti-money laundering laws, This includes sanction list checking, internal audits and records. Managing assets, systems, and other business controls

13) Corporate transactions In the event of a sale, transfer, merger, reorganization or other similar events We may transfer your personal data to other third parties, whether one or several. as part of that transaction

14) Risk to carry out risk management Operational Audit and risk assessment; and/or

15) Life To prevent or stop any harm to life, body or health of a person.

If you are unable to provide personal information to us upon request We may not be able to offer or provide our products or services to you.

       3. Whom we may disclose or transfer your personal information to

we may disclose or transfer your personal information to third parties within Thailand or outside Thailand as stated below. collected Use or disclose personal information For the purposes of this Privacy Policy You can read the privacy policies of those third parties to learn more about how they collect them. use or disclose your personal information You, too, fall under those privacy policies.

3.1 Our service providers

We may employ other companies, agents or contractors to provide services on our behalf. or facilitating the provision of products and services to you We may share your personal information with the following third party service providers or vendors, including but not limited to: (1) infrastructure developers, Internet, technical infrastructure; software and website and information technology service providers (2) logistics and warehousing service providers (3) payment service providers (4) agency or research agencies (5) data analytics service providers ( 6) agency or survey agency (7) auditor (8) agency or communication agency Advertising and marketing materials (9) Call center (10) Event organizer (11) Sales agency (12) Telecommunication and communication service provider (13) Service provider and payment agent payment system identity verification and Dip Chip Service (14) Outsourced Management Service Providers (15) Storage and Cloud Service Providers. (Cloud) (16) Verification and verification service provider (Netbay and Department of Provincial Administration) (17) Courier (18) Printing service provider

In the course of providing such services, service providers may need to access your personal data. However, we will only provide personal data to our service providers as needed to provide such services. and will ask the service provider not to use your information for any other purpose.

3.2 Our business partners

We may transfer your personal information to our business partners in banking, finance, lending, lending, asset management, investment, insurance, credit card, telecommunications, marketing, retail, e-commerce, warehousing. and logistics transportation, health centers, lifestyle products and services. Spa and fitness center Reward programs and loyalty programs and data analytics, including vendor or service providers platforms with which we may jointly offer products or services. or where the seller or service provider has offered products or services to you. Information transmitted or shared in this manner is subject to the privacy policies of third parties. not under this privacy policy

3.3 Social Media Sites

You can login to our website and platform without filling in the form. In case you log in via social media login system You expressly consent to us accessing and storing the public information contained in the accounts. on your social media (such as Facebook, Google or Instagram), as well as other information that appears during the use of such social media logins. We may also send your email to social media. To identify whether you are a member of the relevant social media sites. and to place advertisements tailored to your preferences and relevant to your social media accounts. as appropriate

We also work with other third parties to enable you to take advantage of the Services or participate in promotional offers from those other third parties. for some companies You can either use your Loyalty program number or log into your online system. to receive or subscribe to the services of that company. You can also link your social media accounts to your online services accounts. or login to your online services account from your social media accounts. When you subscribe to such services, we will share your personal information with third parties to whom you have subscribed. If you do not wish to share your personal information in this way Please do not give your Loyalty program number or Reward program number to any third party. And do not subscribe to promotional offers using your online service account. Also, do not connect your online services account to accounts provided by third parties. Information transmitted or shared in this manner is governed by the privacy policies of third parties. not under this privacy policy

3.4 Third parties as required by law

In some cases, we may be required to disclose or share your personal information in order to comply with the law. This includes complying with law enforcement agencies, courts, officials, government agencies or other third parties where we believe it is necessary to comply with a legal or regulatory duty. or for the protection of our rights rights of others or for the safety of persons or to investigate, prevent, or deal with fraud issues or in terms of security or safety

3.5 Consultants in various fields

Consultants include lawyers. Technical professionals and auditors who help with business, litigation, or handling legal claims.

3.6 Associations and organizations

We may transfer your personal information to various associations such as the Thai Electronic Payment Service Providers Trade Association (TEPA), Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA), Federation of Consumer Organizations Association (TEA), Foundation. for consumers The Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Thai Chamber of Commerce Association of Thai Electronic Commerce Operators, Retail Association, Shopping Center Association or the Ratchaprasong Intersection

3.7 Assignee of rights and/or duties

Assignee of rights and/or duties shall include third parties in the event of organizational restructuring. merger Any partial or full transfer of a business, sale, purchase, joint venture, transfer of rights, transfer or disposition of business, assets or shares, or similar transactions. Either partially or completely Assignees of our rights and/or duties will comply with this Privacy Policy in order to respect your personal data.

     4.Transfer of your personal information to foreign countries

We may disclose or transfer your personal data to third parties or servers located in foreign countries where the destination country may have. or may not have an equal level of protection for personal data. To ensure that your personal data is transferred securely and that the person receiving it has an appropriate level of personal data protection or other circumstances as required by law. And we will ask for your consent to transfer your personal data abroad if required to do so by law.


      5. The period for which we collect your personal information

We will retain your personal information for as long as reasonably necessary. in order to achieve the purposes for which we received the personal data; and to comply with various legal and regulatory obligations. However, we may retain your personal data for longer if required by applicable law.


      6. Information Security

The Company recognizes the importance of maintaining the security of your personal information. We therefore endeavor to protect your information by incorporating measures to maintain the security of your personal information appropriately and in accordance with the confidentiality of personal information to prevent loss, access, destruction. Use, convert, modify, disclose or destroy without right or unlawful The company will examine the methods of collecting personal information. Space to store data and implement processing practices including physical safety measures To be in accordance with the policies and guidelines for maintaining the security of information technology of the company.


      7. Cookies and how to use them

when you visit our website We will automatically collect certain information from you through the use of cookies.

Cookies are small pieces of information or text that are issued to your computer when you visit a website. and is used to store or track information about your use of the website and use it for trend analysis, website administration. Track the movement of the user's use of the website. or to remember the user's preferences. Certain types of cookies are very necessary. Otherwise, the website pages may not function properly. and other types of cookies that allows us to improve your browsing experience. Customize the content according to your needs. and make your interaction with the website more convenient Because cookies remember usernames. (in a safe way) and remember your language preferences

Most Internet browsers let you decide whether or not to accept cookies. If you refuse, remove or block tracking by cookies may affect your user experience. and without cookies Your ability to use all or part of the features or areas of the Website may be limited.

In addition, some third parties may issue cookies through our website in order to serve advertisements related to your interests based on your browsing activities. These third parties may collect your browsing history or other information to know how you access the website. and the pages you visit after leaving our website.The information collected through these automated intermediaries may be related to personal information you have previously provided on our website.


     8.Rights of the personal data subject

Subject to the provisions of the law and the relevant legal exemptions You may have the rights set forth below.

8.1 Access: You may have the right to request access to or obtain a copy of the personal information we collect. Use or disclose about you for your privacy and security. We may ask you to verify your identity before providing the information you request.

8.2 Correction: You may have the right to request that the personal data we have collected by us be corrected. Use or disclose about you to be accurate, current, complete and not misleading.

8.3 Data Transfers: You may have the right to obtain personal data we hold about you in an organized and readable format electronically. and to transmit or transfer such information to another personal data controller, where it is (a) the personal data you have provided to us and (b) where we have your consent to collect, use, or to disclose or to perform the contract we have with you

8.4 Objection: You may have the right to object to the collection. Use or disclose your personal information, such as objecting to direct marketing.

8.5 Request for Suspension of Use: You may have the right to request a suspension of use of your personal data in certain circumstances.

8.6 Withdrawal of Consent: For the purposes for which you have given us your consent to collect Use or disclose your personal information You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

8.7 Deletion or destruction of data: You may have the right to request that we take action to delete or destroy. or make your personal data that we collect use or disclose It is information that cannot identify the person who owns the information. unless Our retention of such information is for legal compliance or the establishment of a legal claim, for the exercise or defense of a legal claim.

8.8 Filing a Complaint: You may have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent authority if you believe that the collection Our use or disclosure of personal information is unlawful or inconsistent with applicable data protection laws.

     9. Contact us details

If you wish to exercise your rights in relation to your personal data or if you have questions about your personal data under this Privacy Policy Please contact us or our Personal Data Protection Officer at Siam Art Marble Co., Ltd. (Head Office) 3/6 Moo 19, Bang Phli Yai Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province 10540 Email .

Return Policy and refund

  1. Return Policy

Customers can exchange/return any products. Any damage from the product itself that is not caused by use within 7 days from the date you receive the product. (Based on the document of receipt of goods mainly). The product to be returned must be in the same condition as when you received the product. The company will change / return the product. under the following conditions

  • Wrong product sent, wrong model, wrong color or size.

  • product or product packaging damaged


The product must not be used/ or can be tried on. but must be in new condition

The product must be returned with the product packaging and accessories.

If you receive the product more than 7 days, the company reserves the right to return the product from you.

Free products will not be refunded. or cannot be returned The company reserves the right to return the product or refund in all cases.

     2.How to return the product.

When you want to exchange or return a product Please contact us through various channels for the product you wish to exchange or return. when the company receives your request The company will contact you to proceed to the next step. You can return the product to Siam Art Marble Co., Ltd. (Head Office).

    3.Check the return status.

The product exchange / refund process will begin after the company has successfully assessed the returned product from you. This product quality assessment process may take approximately 7 business days from the date the company receives the return of the product. and you can contact the company

     4. Return shipping costs

If the product you received is incorrect, damaged or damaged, the company will be happy to pick up the product and exchange the product at the address specified in the order document. without any cost

     5.New replacement.

As soon as we receive your product back We will evaluate the product and check the quality of your return. The process will take approximately 7 business days to verify from the date the company receives the return of the product. After approval of the replacement of a new product, the company will deliver the new product to you. according to the delivery time specified in      10 – 14 business days, you will be notified that We are working to exchange new products for you.

      6.Refund Policy

The company will refund the full amount of the order to the customer. In the event that the company cannot find a replacement or replacement for the original product that you have ordered, the company reserves the right to consider returning the product. which will not be refunded in cash under any circumstances

in the case of requesting a refund Due to broken or damaged products, the company reserves the right to consider In the event of a manufacturing error or delivery, the company will deliver a new product to the customer instead of a refund.

In the case of a refund You will be required to submit documents and accounting evidence. In order for the company to process refunds into your bank account It will take approximately 30-45 business days to process and the company will notify you. when the refund has been paid

Note: Documents required for refunds are:

1.1 Copy of ID card

1.2 Copy of the customer's bank account page along with a signed copy (Name in the bank account and the name of the person who ordered must match)

 * The company reserves the right to change any conditions. without the need to inform front circle

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