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Why do we need "HMR wood"

First of all, we believe that many people who are interested in having built-in furniture often wonder what HMR wood is. Why is it green, and why is it recommended to this extent? So today we, Lavaredo will take you to find the answers. Why it has to be HMR wood and why this wood is so important.


What is HMR wood?

"HMR wood" stands for High Moisture Resistance board. It has gained a reputation for its ability to withstand moisture. It is produced by taking eucalyptus wood chips, grinding them into fine fibers, and then compressing them with a special adhesive to create HMR wood. When used for cutting or decorating, it can be easily worked on without the wood breaking or splitting. It is commonly used to make furniture as well as interior wall panels and ceiling decorations.

It is often used as a replacement for areas that need a wood-like appearance but may come into contact with moisture, such as kitchens or dry areas in bathrooms. HMR wood is known for its superior moisture resistance compared to regular wood, making it a notable advantage of HMR wood.

The characteristics of HMR wood include a green color and a smooth, uniform surface. The green color of this compressed wood is a pigment that is added during the manufacturing process. This color may fade or change when exposed to sunlight or heat, but it does not affect the quality, durability, or moisture resistance capabilities of the wood.

HMR wood qualification


  • Strength and Crack Resistance: HMR wood is durable, resistant to cracking, and capable of supporting heavy loads.

  • Consistently Thick and Uniform Wood Core: HMR wood features a uniform and thick core throughout the board, resulting in even surface texture.

  • Smooth Surface: The surface is smooth, making it easy to paint and finish quickly.

  • High Durability: HMR wood is long-lasting because it is bonded with a special type of adhesive called melamine.

  • Moisture Resistance: It is highly resistant to moisture, but it is not recommended for areas where it will be submerged in water or come into direct contact with water.

  • Dense Wood with Easy Shaping: HMR wood is dense, easy to work with, and has a fine and knot-free texture, making it suitable for various applications.

  • Lightweight and Cost-Effective: HMR wood is lightweight, cost-effective, and easy to transport, contributing to cost savings.

What is HMR wood suitable for?


1. HMR wood is suitable for all types of built-in furniture within the home. This is because HMR wood has a high density, making it resistant to breakage even after cutting or shaping. It is ideal for creating built-in furniture in various parts of the home, such as bedroom furniture, living room cabinets, or workstations, like TV stands, wardrobes, shelving units, and headboards, among others. HMR wood is versatile and can be used for all of these applications.

2. HMR wood is ideal for kitchens and dry bathrooms. Kitchens and dry bathrooms are areas that are most likely to come into contact with high levels of water. From cooking and cleaning to personal hygiene, these spaces require materials that can withstand moisture. HMR wood's excellent moisture resistance makes it suitable for crafting kitchen counters, wall cabinets, tall cabinets, or shelving in dry bathrooms. It can endure prolonged exposure to moisture, enhancing its longevity.

3. HMR wood is suitable for decorative wall panels, 3D carving, and intricate patterns. Due to the high density of HMR wood compared to other wood types, it is well-suited for intricate carving or detailed patterns used for decorative walls. Whether it's for commercial spaces, shopping malls, or interior home decor, HMR wood is often used in carving or pattern-making, often using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. This is especially useful when complex patterns are required, and a large quantity of carvings is needed, such as for doors, window frames, baseboards, or gates.

4. HMR wood can be used for drop ceilings. HMR wood can be employed in various ways for ceilings, such as drop ceilings or decorative ceiling panels. Before installation, it is recommended to cover the surface of HMR wood with materials like melamine or high-pressure laminate. These materials can provide a smooth finish and can also accommodate lighting fixtures, such as downlights, which can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of ceilings. Additionally, the use of HMR wood for ceilings can add an interesting design element to the space.

In summary, HMR wood is a versatile material suitable for a wide range of applications in interior design and home improvement projects, including built-in furniture, kitchen and bathroom installations, decorative wall panels, and even ceilings. Its strength, durability, and moisture resistance make it an excellent choice for these purposes.

Why is HMR wood necessary for built-in and home decoration?


Even though there are many types of wood for making furniture, HMR wood is still gaining popularity for home decoration. This is because HMR wood is not only highly moisture-resistant and durable but also easy to work with, as it doesn't break or splinter like other wood types. HMR wood is particularly well-suited for creating built-in furniture. Furthermore, its cost is comparatively lower when compared to regular wood or MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) of lesser quality.

If someone is looking for built-in furniture that is strong, durable, and moisture-resistant, it's essential to check whether the furniture is made from HMR wood. Companies that specialize in furniture construction or home decoration contracting can also benefit from using HMR wood for making furniture, decorative wall panels, and drop ceilings. By using HMR wood, not only do they obtain high-quality built-in furniture, but they can also save on costs.

Now that you've learned about HMR wood, if you live in a condo or a standalone house and desire high-quality built-in furniture that can withstand moisture and be placed in kitchens and bathrooms without concerns about deterioration or termite infestations, it's highly recommended to choose HMR wood. You can purchase HMR wood furniture or hire contractors who use HMR wood for built-in rooms. This ensures that you will receive high-quality, long-lasting furniture without worry.

Rest assured that Lavaredo uses HMR wood for building built-in kitchens and encourages anyone interested in HMR wood-built kitchens to contact Lavaredo. You can be certain that Lavaredo uses HMR wood for high-quality, long-lasting furniture.


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