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Quartz Stone

Quartz is a popular type of composite stone widely used for countertops, kitchen tops desk, and home decoration. While many might be familiar with its name, there could be questions about its advantages, disadvantages, or the complexity of its maintenance. Today, let's delve deeper into quartz, exploring its characteristics and some cool tips for using it in home decoration.

Quartz Stone

What is Quartz stone ?

Quartz stone is a new type of composite stone made up of more than 80% natural quartz crystals, along with other mineral elements. It's manufactured into large slabs through specialized machinery under specific physical and chemical conditions. Its primary material is quartz crystal. Quartz stone is a type of rock that is non-radioactive, non-toxic, non-deformable, non-porous, resistant to scratching, impact, flexibility, corrosion, temperature, and has a high resistance of up to 300 degrees Celsius. Its manufacturing process ensures no visible pores, making it easy to maintain, durable, and consistently new-looking. Its high hardness helps prevent scratches in everyday life (Mohs hardness 5-7).

Quartz countertops can be used in various settings like kitchen counters, vanity tops, bathroom tables, floor tiling, tabletops, architectural elements, and more due to their vibrant and translucent colors. They are a popular choice in both public buildings and home decoration settings, often found in places such as hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibitions, laboratories, and more.

Quartz Stone

Quartz stone boasts numerous advantages that make it highly convenient and suitable for home decoration:

1. High durability and scratch resistance.

2. Acid, stain, and UV resistance on its surface.

3. Withstands high temperatures up to 300 degrees.

4. Non-porous surface prevents water absorption and the accumulation of harmful bacteria.

5. Easy to clean and maintain by simply wiping.

6. Provides quality products at reasonable prices.

It's evident that quartz stone comes with a multitude of benefits, making it extremely convenient for home decoration enthusiasts.

Quartz Stone

How to take care for quartz stone ?

Using quartz stone for continuous home decoration is a testament to its enduring beauty and resilience. While its surface is highly resistant to etching from acids and alkaline substances, everyday wear is inevitable. Here are some daily tips to further enhance the everyday beauty of quartz :

Method 1: General Cleaning

- Use a warm, soapy water-soaked cloth to wipe the affected area in gentle circular motions. This method effectively removes debris without exerting excessive force. Then, rinse with clean water and dry the surface with a soft cloth.

Tips 1 is to use a dish soap that doesn't contain harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals can potentially damage quartz surfaces if used regularly. Quartz often has a resin coating that helps repel dust and grime, making warm water more effective in eliminating residues compared to cold water.

Method 2: Cleaning Stubborn Stains

- Remove the concentrated stain by carefully scraping it off in chunks.

- Mix equal parts of vinegar and water or substitute vinegar with hydrogen peroxide in equal amounts if vinegar is unavailable.

- Spray the mixture evenly across the countertop's surface.

- Use a soft sponge to gently clean until the surface shines.

Tips 2 is vinegar is a natural and effective cleaning agent, but it has a strong, pungent smell. To mitigate the odor, adding 2-3 drops of lemon or your preferred essential oil can impart a pleasant fragrance throughout the room.

Method 3: Enhancing Countertop Shine with Glass Cleaner

Over time, the resin coating on quartz countertops might start to lose its luster. Using glass cleaner can restore the shine:

- Spray glass cleaner onto the countertop surface to enhance its shine.

Use a cloth or sponge instead of abrasive materials to prevent scratches.

- Perform this monthly or as needed when you notice a dullness on the countertop surface.

Tips 3 is household cleaning products like Windex, Clorox Multi-Surface, and 3M Glass Cleaner are suitable for use on quartz countertops.

To maintain the surface's beauty, prevent build-up, and preserve against scratches, it's crucial to promptly clean any spills or marks rather than letting them settle and harden. Consistent care and selecting the right type of quartz are key factors that prolong its durability. This directly impacts the longevity of its usage.

Quartz Stone

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