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How to organize a kitchen for convenient use.

The kitchen is considered one of the most vital and beloved spaces for everyone in the house, whether it's parents or children. It's where delicious meals are prepared, and the joy of cooking is shared together. Therefore, the kitchen layout and organization should be meticulous. LAVAREDO has ideas to help you confidently create delicious meals, making the kitchen a place of enjoyment for the whole family.

How to organize a kitchen for convenient use

Use Thai kitchen, Western kitchen.

In a Thai kitchen, there is a wide variety of tools and equipment. However, with limited space, organizing can be challenging. It's essential to ask what is necessary and what is not. Thai kitchens often have strong aromas and significant smoke due to the cooking style. Therefore, they are typically located outside the main house or at the back to mitigate the smell and smoke.

On the other hand, Western kitchens are often designed as open and spacious, complementing modern homes. They are decorated in a contemporary style, emphasizing the preparation of small, minimal dishes.

How to organize a kitchen for convenient use.

The size of a kitchen.

Kitchen depends on layout. A kitchen should not be too small; approximately 7 square meters or more would provide ample space. The typical division of a kitchen includes:

  • Prepping Area: The space for preparing ingredients before cooking.

  • Cooking Area: The designated area for cooking and assembling dishes.

  • Storage Area: This includes refrigerators and storage cabinets for keeping ingredients and kitchenware.

  • Cleaning Area: The space for washing dishes and maintaining cleanliness. This area is often the most frequently used.

How to organize a kitchen for convenient use.

The brightness of the kitchen.

Designing a kitchen to be spacious emphasizes openness, aiding in effective ventilation and odor dispersal. It facilitates easy cleaning, typically situated outside the main house. However, one must be cautious about dust, debris, or small insects that may enter the kitchen more easily. Maintaining cleanliness is crucial in such an open kitchen design.

How to organize a kitchen for convenient use

Storage organization.

Whether the kitchen is small or large, the more you can store in the cabinets, the better. If you don't have space in the cabinets, it's best to discard, donate, or sell items you haven't used in cooking. This way, you'll have more room for food preparation, making your cooking experience more enjoyable and satisfying.

How to organize a kitchen for convenient use

A clean kitchen.

If possible, don't start cooking until your kitchen is clean. If you begin cooking in a messy kitchen, you might feel discouraged and disheartened after preparing the meal. Clean as often as you can, even while waiting for the water to boil. For instance, organize utensils in the sink, wipe the countertops—things you can do in between cooking steps to create the dream kitchen environment you desire.

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