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Decorate your home in Shabby Chic style, “Old but Chic”

People who love to decorate their homes in retro style but still maintains the chic of the era

Shabby Chic is a retro home decor style. but still maintains the chic of the modern era With soft tones such as white, cream or pastel tones such as green, blue, light pink, then Mix & Match with sweet, romantic flowers, which is the dream style of girls.

Lavapanel has a trick to decorate your home in chic style for you. How to decorate it "not to look cluttered, but look cute"

  1. The color tone chosen should have a soft Mood & Tone such as white, cream or if it is colorful. should be pastel When used for decorations such as flowers, curtains, tablecloths, plates and bowls that have a lot of patterns. Will make it look harmonious, comfortable, not too cluttered.

  2. The furniture, cabinets, tables that are chosen are often in a simple vintage style, with details of wood patterns, ancient retro, but with a modern twist. Intended to make it look old and shabby, but looks unique and unique. The color of the furniture plays a very important role. Must be a soft tone Looks light and comfortable in order to mix & match with decorative items that have a perfect pattern.

  3. Decorative items, such as cushions, bed sheets, and curtains, are usually floral patterns, with soft colors such as blue, pink, and green (light accents).

  4. Room lighting During the day should have access to natural light. To make the room look bright and bright, the lamp used at night If the hall has high ceilings Should use a hanging lamp The most popular are crystal chandeliers that make the room look airy, open, and sparkling. If the space is small, use down light by choosing warm, calm, bright, not gloomy.

  5. Sofas and chairs are popular as upholstered fabrics. can choose to use both soft and smooth colors or it can be a floral pattern in light tones, but it must be in the right place, for example, a floral sofa should be in a corner at a plain colored wall. or furniture in light tones only

  6. Ornamental plants and flowers should choose soft tones that are comfortable on the eyes, relaxed, not too heavy.

Things to be careful of when decorating this style of home is the choice of color scheme If you choose the wrong color or decorate too much, it may look heavy and cluttered.

I hope that this style of home decoration will satisfy you.


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