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Return, Exchange & Refund
return, exchange, refund

Sometimes things just don't work out, but Lavaredo will try our best to have you covered.

Sometimes things don't work out, but Lavaredo will do our best to keep you covered.

What can be Returned, Exchanged & Refunded?

We understand that sometimes things simply don't work out. At the time of delivery, if you receive a damaged or defective Lavaredo product, or it doesn't match our original specifications, Lavaredo gives you the following options for returning the product:

  • Rectify/Replace the returned product.

  • Exchange with another product , wherein if the new product exceeds the order value of the returned product, you will be required to pay the extra amount. If the order value of the new product is less than that of the returned product, we will refund the extra amount or provide store credit, as applicable.

  • Get store credit or additional coupon valid for 1-year to purchase from Lavaredo.


One way or the other, you will end up with a great product!

We will honor your request to return a product under the following conditions:

  1. All products must be returned unused with their original price tags and labels.

  2. The original invoice must be presented upon returning the merchandise.

  3. Our quality assurance team will inspect all returned items within 72 hours of the request. Only when it passes our standard quality assurance test, will we be able to process the return.


  • Customized furniture pieces purchased from Lavaredo cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • Any non-manufacturing defects and damages post receiving delivery will render the product invalid for returns or replacements.

  • Kitchens and wardrobes are made-to-order and hence cannot be returned or exchanged.


How do I request a return?

Please write to us at  or contact us through LINEID @lavaredo-kitchen within 3 days of receipt of your order.


When will I receive a replacement?

When a return is accepted, the timeline for the replacement to reach you may vary from product to product. A Lavaredo representative will keep you informed at all times, and we will make all efforts to make your new product reach you very soon.

Return, Exchange & Refund
Delay Penalty
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Delay Penalty

Sometimes things just don't work out, but Lavaredo will try our best to have you covered.

What is Delay Penalty?

Delay Penalty is a discount offered to customers when handovers are delayed for a period longer than 15 days after the confirmed move-in date*. This date is communicated in the Project Schedule after all the sales orders are raised.


How much is the penalty?

Please contact your dealer directly, or you can call contact us through.
LINE ID @lavaredo-kitchen or email at to register your claim. 


How will the Delay Penalty be paid out?

Penalty per day for every day, beyond 15 days after the committed ready to move-in date, is 0.1% of the total Project Value.

Eg, Move In Date - 1st July 2021. Project Value (net offer/ discount): 100,000 Baht. In this case, penalty of 100 Baht per day will be applicable in case of delay beyond July 16th. 

The maximum delay penalty payable cannot exceed 3% of the total project value. 

*Ready to move=in definition: A project is considered ready to move in if the kitchen, living, bed and bathrooms are functional. In projects with minor snags (such as replacement of a part or whole of a functional unit, delayed supply of a free-standing unit/ product, snags in doors/ finishing/ electrical works etc.), the home is still considered ready to move. -in as long as the snags do not affect the functionality of the home. 


When is the Delay Penalty not applicable?

  • In case there are any design changes/ modifications after communication of date of move-in to the customer; this includes change in scope, addition of scope, reduction of scope, material changes, finish changes, aesthetic changes, functional changes, or any other changes that may result in a delay in the manufacturing, procurement or execution at site.

  • In cases where the project involves scope of work handled by the customer (such as electrical work, plumbing piping work, floor work and tiling work), then the duration of execution of the customer's scope of work will be taken into consideration to estimate the move. -in date. This duration will be calculated after understanding from the customer the total number of days they require to complete their scope of work. Should the delay stem from the customer's scope of work overshooting the budgeted days, or, any changes in the schedule of the customer's scope of work, move-in date will be re-estimated and any delay penalty will be computed from the revised date.  

  • Delay in access to the site, which results in delay in execution by Lavaredo / Lavaredo partner scope of work.

  • Restricted access to the site, which results in delay in execution by Lavaredo / Lavaredo partner scope of work.

  • Unavailability of consistent, uninterrupted power or water supply to the site during the execution phase will result in Delay Penalty not being applicable.

  • In case of non-payment by the customer or partial payment or any delay in payments as per the payment milestones, Lavaredo will not be held responsible for delays beyond the move-in date, and, hence, Delay Penalty will not be applicable._cc781905. -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  • Delay Penalty clause will not be applicable if there is any dependency on the customer to provide approvals from any local authority and they fail to do so prior to the start of project execution.

  • Lavaredo shall not be liable to pay Delay Penalty in case of any delay in production or delivery of products ordered from third party/marketplace brands (ie brands other than Lavaredo).

  • Force Majeure, which includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Any act of god including natural disasters, floods, fire, earthquake, typhoon, cyclone or landslides. 

  • War, riot, strike, lock-outs, hartal/bandh, accidents, power failure or shortage of fuel. 

  • Any restrictions imposed by the central, state or local statutory/government authorities. 

  • Any change in applicable law. 

  • Any unforeseen supply shocks for raw materials and accessories.

  • Any unforeseen manpower supply shocks.

  • Any other unforeseen circumstances/causes beyond the reasonable control of Lavaredo.

In case of Force Majeure, Lavaredo will duly inform the customer of the delay arising out of Force Majeure within 72 hours from the occurrence of the Force Majeure event(s) or from the time Lavaredo has become aware of the occurrence of such Force Majeure event. (s), whichever is later.

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